• Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Policy

Environmental Management Policy

COSMAX NBT promotes sustainable development by fulfilling eco-friendly management with employees, customers, and partners to minimize environmental impact and use energy efficiently.

Environmental Management

We minimize the environmental impact by pre-assessing and controlling the environmental impact of pollutants generated during business activities and promote sustainable management by improving and reducing the use of goods.

Occupational Safety and Health Management

We create a safe working environment by preventing industrial accidents and occupational diseases to our employees by complying with laws and regulations on safety and health.

Change Control

We prevent hazards in processes in advance by checking changes in production facilities and various quality control standards in real time to improve production efficiency and fulfill sustainable production.

Chemical Management

We carefully examine the introduction and use of chemicals. If we handle them, we will prevent environmental and safety accidents by removing harmful risk factors that may occur in workers and local communities during the entire process of handling in advance.

Safety and Health Management Goals

  Goal Description
Safety and Health To achieve 0% incidence of occupational diseases Conduct a medical check-up
Check the working environment on a semi-annual basis
Control workers' stress
Manage risk of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases
Manage risk of musculoskeletal disorders
Prevent and manage infectious diseases
Run a health care office
To improve risk factors of workplace Conduct a risk evaluation
Conduct safety inspections on machinery and equipment that require safety certification
Check and improve safety through 3R5S activities
Safety activities at workplace Operate a safety and health council
Make the walk-around inspection on workplaces
Inspect health and safety in cooperation with partners
Conduct regular safety and health training
Operate the occupational safety and health committee

Environmental Safety Goals

  Goal Description
Environmental Safety To reduce environmental pollutant emissions by 3% Operate and manage environmental pollutant prevention facilities
Monitor environmental pollutants
Reduce process wastewater
Check emission facilities and production equipment regularly
To achieve 100% recycling rate of waste and to reduce waste discharge comparing to production by 5% Provide training on waste recycling
Zero waste to be incinerated
To reduce energy usage comparing to production by 3% Reduce electricity use
Replace fluorescent lights with LED lights
Encourage energy-saving campaigns
Carry out solar power generation project in 2022