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Information on collecting and using personal information

1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
- In order to both smoothly reply to customer inquiries and to communicate business consultation, we collect the following personal information with customer’s consent and use it for the above stated purpose.
- We will separately obtain customer's consent when using or providing personal information for purposes other than the stated purpose, such as to provide those information to third party, overseas third party or using it for marketing purposes.
- Children under age of 14 are restricted from using the service.

2. List of personal information to collect
- Name, affiliation, contact number, e-mail address

3. Length of time personal information can be stored
- Personal information collected through customer inquiries and business consultation is stored in the company's database and kept for 3 years from the last access to the server.
- After 3 years, collected information will be destroyed.
- Customer may request the company to access the personal information, and may request to delete the personal information. Upon receipt of the request, the Company shall immediately destroy such information without delay.

4. Right to refuse and disadvantage of refusal
- Customer may refuse to consent to the above matter for use and collection of personal information if he/she does not want to.
- However, consultation may be restricted if you do not consent to the collection and use of essential information in the list of personal information.

5. Method of Agreement
- Customer confirms the above contents and consent to the collection and use of personal information and further agrees to the processing of personal information.
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