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Research & Innovation
R&I(Research & Innovation) Center Introduction

The R&I Center of COSMAX NBT was established in 2007 based on COSMAX's founding philosophy of <Research Company>, and it started to conduct the research and development on raw ingredient and dosage forms of health functional foods. The R&I Center uses the acronym of "Research & Innovation" to mean that it practices and emphasizes the spirit of "Creativity & Innovation" and "Professionalism", which are our core values.

Research &

R&D Network

COSMAX NBT has R&D centers in Korea and abroad, including the parent company COSMAX's R&D center, to develop core raw ingredient and new dosage forms.

COSMAX NS, INC. will pioneer the future of natural materials oriented to bio-markets

COSMAX NS, INC. was founded in 2015 targeting development of medical food materials and new natural medicine beyond functional foods by establishing partnership with a global health food manufacturer ‘COSMAX NBT, INC.’ along with a research & development team in the bio-engineering department of Yonsei University.

Our company researches and commercializes natural biologically active substances given by pure natural nutrition and functions in order to enhance health and prevent diseases for mankind.

COSMAX NS, INC. will grow to be a specialized natural bio- research & development company worldwide beyond Korea with specialized researchers and bio-technologies.
Company name COSMAX NS, INC.
Date of establishment Feb 3, 2014
Major business areas Research and Development of new natural materials based on natural features
Company background ㆍCompany affiliated to COSMAX NBT, INC.
ㆍTechnical holding company of Yonsei university


ontributing to the enhancement of health and happiness for human beings through research & development of natural substance-based new medicine and functional ingredients



A specialized global research & development company for new natural medicine and bio-functional new ingredients


Business Scope

ㆍDevelopment of natural substance based new medicine
ㆍDevelopment of functional foods and cosmetic materials


R&D scope