• Production Technology
  • COSMAX NBT’s Own Specialized Production Line
(Exclusive Production Line for Probiotics)

Industry's first production line dedicated to lactobacillus

Increased viability of strains and reduced customer cost through optimized temperature / humidity control for each strain

Control of temperature and water activity, the key factor of probiotics production

· Control the temperature of 20±5℃ and humidity of RH 30% or less by establishing a dedicated line · Establishment of temperature and humidity optimization control system that is not affected by seasons or climate · Recording and controlling temperature and humidity daily · Study of changes in strains depending on production conditions (accumulation of data)

[Temperature / Humidity Control System]

[Comparison of Viability of Lactobacillus: EPP Line vs. Normal Line]

Micro Emulsion Technology

Micro Emulsion Technology of oil-soluble ingredients

Improving absorption of oil-soluble and poorly soluble ingredients and implementing various dosage forms

Technology that increases bioavailability by passing a highly pressurized fluid through a homogenizer valve to reduce particle size by atomization, emulsification, dispersion, etc.

· Diversifying formulations of oil-soluble and poorly soluble raw ingredient (liquid types such as gummy, jelly, etc.) · High bioavailability expected with fine particles · Expanded categories and mass-production possible

Applicable materials

For nutritional supplements · Vitamin A
· Vitamin D

Diet / Inner Beauty · CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
· GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid)

Immune & Antibacterial · Co-Q10
· Turmeric
· Omega 3
· Propolis

Fatigue overcoming · Royal Jelly
· Octacosanol
· Milk Thistle

Eye health · Lutein
· Hematococcus

Memory · Phosphatidylserine


Small Bottle Automatic Line

Introduction of small bottle automatic charger

→ Quality improvement: mitigating quality risks
→ Reduce airlift and increase productivity
※ Reduced man-hours by ½